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Pediatric Rehab


Wearable Therapy® for Children

Axiobionics works with children with an array of disabilities to facilitate the best possible rehabilitation outcome.  

Our Wearable Therapy systems activate unused muscles and boost therapy time well beyond traditional rehabilitation.  

Wearable Therapy can be fit to all four limbs and trunk and designed to stimulate most muscles.

 Set-up is quick and easy enough to do at home.  


Imagine boosting therapy time to 12 hours per day.

Children with physical disabilities are prone to musculoskeletal problems because they lack the movement generated by muscle that is necessary for normal development.

Wearable Therapy® is a practical tool to ensure that muscles are given the proper amount of therapy each and every day.

Wearable Therapy® puts activity back in muscles that lack control or are too weak to contract.

In the absence of muscle activity, muscles atrophy, joints stiffen and circulation diminishes. Wearable Therapy® can be used on a daily basis for many hours a day to replace this lost muscle activity.  
Insurance company funding for physical therapy services for children is often limited in time from one to three one hour sessions per week. Wearable Therapy is not a time-limited modality.  Once purchased, it can be used any time of day in an unlimited sense with minimal ongoing cost.

Wearable Therapy® is easy and quick to apply so that the child spends more time receiving therapy.

We have worked with children as young as one year of age.  

Parents do not have to be experts in electrode placement to use Wearable Therapy®.

Wearable Therapy® delivers unprecedented muscle activity and range of motion that increases flexibility.




Wearable Therapy® is the most comprehensive muscle stimulation system available.  

Most major muscle groups can be targeted with our muscle therapy programs.



Walkaide® FES

Imagine freeing your child to walk barefoot without the restrictions of bracing.

Muscles are encouraged to work as they should.

The body connects with the world beneath it by allowing the natural input of sensation.

It's back to normal foot wear….or none at all.



Wearable Therapy® can:

  • Deliver medical benefits that traditional therapy cannot.
  • Prevent medical complications so that the patient can more effectively participate in therapy.
  • Improve and prepare the patient to undergo therapy or advance at a faster pace.
  • Maintain the body between therapy sessions or until therapy resumes after the annual therapy allowance has ceased.

Consult with Us to Determine if your Child is Appropriate for Wearable Therapy


My daughter, Natalie, is 13 years old. She is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia, or cerebral palsy. We adopted Natalie when she was 9 months old. She has been in therapy from the time we brought her home through the present time. She has been in a very intensive physical and occupational therapy program most of her life. We also actively work with her at home the days she does not go to therapy.


When we added on her Wearable Therapy muscle stimulation system, we quickly saw a noticeable improvement in relaxation of muscle spasms in the arm and an increase in range of motion.  The arm no longer remains flexed; instead it fully extends to her side and the elbow and fingers are much straighter.  


Even with therapy, she would not extend and purposely reach with that arm. Since using the Upper Extremity BioSleeve, she now almost fully extends her left arm. She also will purposely reach with her left arm and tries to use it. We have her Upper Extremity BioSleeve on as much as possible during the day, every day. 


Betty Dubina, M.D.  Mother and Pediatrician