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AxioBionics is proud to release our newest

innovative muscle stimulation system


Patent Pending

Stimulates quadriceps, glutes & hamstrings


BioShortX Features:

  • Comfortable stimulation

  • Easily applied in minutes

  • Paralysis patients don't need to be rolled or lifted to apply

  • Practical for home use

  • Therapy time maximized

For more information about BioShortX please contact us through our web portal.

It's time to reach your rehabilitation goals


Imagine muscle therapy all day, every day. The unique product line and services of Axiobionics makes the company a leader in personalized, rehabilitation medicine. 


Not all pain is gain. At Axiobionics, we recognize that pain can take a major toll on one’s life and that not all pain is easily managed. We want to help.


Our TripleFlex therapy device puts energy into your step to help you walk better than you ever imagined. Unlike bracing, this innovative device treats foot, knee, and hip drop as if your muscles are actually doing the work.

Wearable Therapy® Pain Video

An Exciting and Powerful Medical Technology

Wearable Therapy® is Axiobionics' brand of neuroprosthetics that integrates surface electrical stimulation into wearable devices.

The patients we help most with Wearable Therapy® are those suffering from long-standing injury, disease, or disability.  The patients that seek our help are those that have not responded well to traditional treatments or there is a desire to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Our Wearable Therapy® systems are personalized and fit the old-fashioned way - one at a time. We purposely chose this clinical method because it is the surest and safest way to treat people with complex and sometimes tenuous medical conditions.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Axiobionics has assembled a unique portfolio of products and services that include state of the art orthotics and innovative wearable electrical stimulation devices for pain and muscle weakness. Our latest rehabilitation technology includes, TripleFlex, a unique device for foot, hip, and knee drop.

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Personalized Care

Axiobionics takes extraordinary measures to personalize the patient care you receive. We understand the nature and complexity of physical disabilities and do not take for granted the seriousness of what’s at stake or the impact on quality of life. Our patients depend on our ability to assess their concerns and develop treatment plans that meet their needs.

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Successful Outcomes

Axiobionics strives to ensure quality patient care. To achieve this, we implement a continuum of care that includes a thorough evaluation, tailoring the product, and closely monitoring patient outcomes. There are cost-saving measures associated with our clinical approach. We feel strongly that quality care equals efficient care.

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Mission Statement

Recognizing a broken body can drain the essence of life, Axiobionics will help people achieve their fullest life potential by minimizing effects of prior injury and movement-oriented disabilities with wearable, non-invasive neuroprosthetics technology that minimizes treatment risk, maximizes patient quality of life, and facilitates re-entry to the workforce.

“I lost 10 years of my life to pain. I tried everything to reduce the pain.

I was finally pain free in just under 30 days of using Wearable Therapy®.

My garment, made specifically for me by Axiobionics, gave me hope and a new lease on life.”

-Mike, right transtibial amputee with chronic residual limb pain